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The digitalisation/automation of various business processes is definitely the most complex and never-ending challenge that production companies have to face today and will have to face in the years to come.

The complexity, the expertise, the internal collaboration, the budgets and the impact of the decision on functioning, productivity, competitiveness, assets and personnel are so important that a constant sharpening of knowledge, new applications and consultation have become an ongoing commitment for the company.
The fact is that commitment and knowledge should not be limited to management (general policy); the shop floor should be involved too. Every business unit has its own needs and criteria with respect to feasibility and performance. Therefore, every digitalisation step must fit a perfectly orchestrated whole.

For what sort of companies ?

Every production company, industrial or not, belongs to this target audience. Every possible production company, regardless of whether we are talking about discrete or process industry, may be considered (manufacturing, chemical, pharma, mechanical engineering, food, agribusiness, metal, plastics, wood, textile, etc.)

What is the target audience ?

ABISS specifically targets the following profiles of visitors :
  • C-levels, owners and general management of SMEs and large companies
  • Managers and prescribers from specific business processes (production, maintenance, procurement, engineering, planning, R&D, quality, SCM, warehousing, safety, IT, HR…)
  • Heads of IT, cybersecurity

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