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10:00 - 10:30
How digital approach helps Aisin to keep competitiveness against low cost countries
Jacques Fils
| Aisin Europe
Jacques is responsible of the Operations of AISIN Europe. He has 20+ years of experience in management and has a long experience in processes driven by data’s (supply chain, quality, production efficiency, …). Aisin Europe, active in the automotive sector got Factory of the future award in 2019 and 2022. Digitalisation is a key factor to remain competitive in this sector, allows to reduce non productive manpower and increase production efficiency.
11:10 - 11:40
The Galloo way towards a smarter recycling organization
Steve Decroubele
| Galloo
In a world where raw materials are becoming scarcer and companies want to produce sustainably, recycling companies are an essential link between used materials and reuse. They find themselves in a very dynamic supply and disposal market for materials and are confronted with a growing demand for detailed internal and external reporting. We explain the steps Galloo has taken in recent years to build a future-proof industrial organisation.
11:45 - 12:15
A modern approach to holistic security
Frederik Van den Hof
| Expert Security & risk advisor
Frederik Van Den Hof is a security and risk advisor with more than a decade of experience in guiding large organizations in taking their security to the next level on a technological, operational and strategic front. He has done this working for several leading technology vendors and integrators. During this keynote he will explore: 1.The security challenges companies face in regards of IT/OT at the hand of a case study 2.The importance of process optimization, clear process/asset ownership and segmentation for reducing security risk 3.How to tackle security projects today in an ever evolving security industry
14:00 - 14:30
Accelerate development with a digital twin
Andries Tacq
| Stow Robotics
A 'digital twin' is a digital representation of physical reality. By combining data, a virtual copy can be made of the real situation. In this way, simulations can be made to test how a machine will function under certain circumstances or what the consequences of future adaptations will be. A digital twin is quickly dismissed as expensive, not always purposeful and a long process to implement. This certainly does not have to be the case. In this session, Stow Robotics will give a unique insight into how the digital twin is used in the development process.
16:00 - 16:30
B.I.G. on the EDGE of digital tranformation
Robbe Nuyttens | Korneel Verleden
| Beaulieu International Group
From raw material to finished goods, Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) faces many challenges to become a sustainable company: from energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction towards the increasing amount of recycled content added to our production process.
Robbe Nuyttens and Korneel Verleden present their technology fix to address these problems that require real-time insights in the production processes and machinery effectiveness. We share some use cases and challenges we face in our organization for this multidisciplinary endeavor.
10:35 - 11:05
Data collection and usage: Mean and lean approach for the SME
Erwin Hoebrechts
| Borit
Data collection – Storage – Querying – Analysis – Usage
How to keep the data capturing system budget contained ?
How to generate returns as of day 1.
Is IT linking of machines increasing the severity of an IT breach ?
11:45 - 12:15
Digitalisation in manufacturing: From Shop Floor to Top Floor
Hans Callens
| Cabka
Hans Callens, VP Operational Excellence at Cabka, explains how he has shaped his digitalisation process and successfully implemented a digital factory management platform.

This includes manufacturer-independent data capture, real-time ERP integration, paperless shopfloor and the implementation of a digital workplace for operators that includes work instructions and quality management. In addition, Hans will also talk about providing insight into the information collected with dashboarding around OEE and proactively drawing up action plans, linked to real-time information from the floor. All this within a global multi-plant environment where a fast efficient roll-out is key.
13:30 - 14:00
A cable-free solution for accurate and energy-aware edge processing
Ashok Thangarajan | Steven Lauwereins | Danny Hughes
| KU Leuven - Televic
Accurate and energy-aware edge processing of dense mechatronics systems, rotating machine parts or toxic areas in a factory requires the elimination of (power and network) cables without compromising data quality. The KU Leuven / imec intelligent prototype that incorporates these characteristics reduces installation times, cuts installation costs and enables measurements deep inside a machine. A Televic Rail mechatronics use case demonstrates its potential to achieve an autonomous lifetime of up to 20 years.
14:00 - 14:30
Maintenance & Asset Management in 2030 - a vision of the future
Wim Vancauwenberghe | Peter Decaigny
| BEMAS | Mainnovation
What are the challenges for businesses in 2030?
What are crucial digital enablers?
How does this translate into digital asset management?
How to prepare for Generation-Z technicians and operators?

Some conclusions...
16:00 - 16:30
Coaching companies towards a digital shop floor: Insights and lessons learned
Johannes Cottyn
De stap naar een digitale productievloer kan uitdagend zijn, zeker als u daarvan (terecht) dezelfde flexibiliteit verwacht als van uw productieomgeving. Een Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is de verzamelnaam voor alle digitale tools om de efficiëntie en transparantie van een productieproces te optimaliseren. Deze presentatie geeft een samenvattend overzicht van alle ervaringen en inzichten die voortgekomen zijn uit de verschillende begeleidingen van bedrijven tijdens het Industrie 4.0 proeftuin project MES4SME. Enkele bedrijven komen ook zelf aan het woord om hun ervaringen tijdens de zoektocht naar de best passende MES oplossing te delen.
11:10 - 11:40
Bringing together the right expertise for your specific (cyber)challenge
Kurt Callewaert | Patrick Hauspie
| IC4 | Vlaio
Industrial companies find it complex, expensive and challenging to make and keep their organisation cyberproof. The main issues are cost, knowledge and customisation for each 'atypical' company, processes, supply chain, people.... By the way, if you have the cash, it remains to be seen who you can affordably turn to for specifically getting to the bottom of your business, long-term strategy and tailored ops. Patrick and Kurt explain that Vlaio comes up with concrete proposals to fund such projects, but more so, also facilitate and bring together the right expertise for your specific challenge (colleges, universities, competence centres, living labs and consultants).
13:00 - 13:30
Cyber security for offshore wind farms
Ruben Verbrugghe | Tijl Atoui
| Norther | Howest
Norther is an offshore windfarm located about 25km off the coast of Zeebrugge. We have a great responsibility to ensure the continuous power supply towards the Belgium grid. Because of this, Norther has always tried to keep cybersecurity in mind during its day-to-day operations and when new projects are initiated. This hasn’t always been easy and has been a learning curve for us.

To ensure Norther’s cybersecurity, we have been investing in both the latest hardware and knowledge. The hardware allows us to be able to secure our environment as much as possible. The knowledge ensures that Norther remains ahead when new projects are initiated, and that cybersecurity is taken into account from step one onwards. Consequently, this ensures that the necessary adaptations at the end of a project are limited.

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