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Expert Classes 2019

10u00 - 10u30
How to get maximum benefits of technology in a digital transformation
Serge Audenaert - Agoria
Serge Audenaert
Digital Innovation Expert

How can we introduce advanced technology in industries and what are realistic aims at short notice?

10u30 - 11u00
From connected production equipment to artificial intelligence: more than advanced statistics?
Korneel Verleden - Beaulieu International Group
Korneel Verleden
Group Automation Manager
Beaulieu International Group

Digitization has brought forward different marketing hypes: digital twin, virtual commissioning, Industry 4.0, IoT and lately artificial intelligence.
All these hypes have one common denominator being the industrial network or communication technology.
Beaulieu International Group’s engineering department systematically delivered this backbone, leveraging these state of the art practices.
During this presentation show a few cases that prove (or disapprove?) the value of these trends.
In the end we shine a light on our latest use case for artificial intelligence within BIG and how to manage expectations.

11u00 - 11u30
Digitization process Duracell Aarschot
Paul Nuyts - Duracell
Paul Nuyts
Digitization - Industry4.0 project leader

How can we make sure that all data and documents needed by our employees to carry out their taks in the most efficient way, are at their disposal in the right place, at the right moment, in the right context and ready to use? During this session, we will focus on some challenges and on several realisations.    

11u30 - 12u15
State of the art XR and AI applications for Industry: Game engines, powering industrial production
Steven Van Luchene - HOWEST University College
Steven Van Luchene
XR Lab Manager
HOWEST University College

The worlds of game development and industrial production are converging.
The use of Augmented and Virtual Reality is already being spotted on production floors.
Examples of so-called “Digital twins”, smart digital clones of production systems, rely heavily on game tech.
Learn why producers of game development tools and CAD software are joining forces, and how your company can benefit. Get inspired by good practices and discover the added value for your business.

11u30 - 12u15
State of the art XR and AI applications for Industry: Deploying AI Solutions in the cloud
Nathan Segers - HOWEST University College
Nathan Segers
Data Engineering & AI Research
HOWEST University College

Getting AI Applications to work in production is still a challenge. We compared three major cloud service providers Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Azure while deploying a realworld AI application ready for production. All cloud service providers are actively developing AI solutions, like Amazon SageMaker, Azure Machine Learning Service and Google AI Platform. This talk gives a detailed comparison of those tools and the implementation of an AI deployment workflow in all of the cloud services.

11u30 - 12u15
State of the art XR and AI applications for Industry: Hands on business innovation in collaboration with game technology start ups
Michiel Houwen - HOWEST University College
Michiel Houwen
Accelerator Programme Operations Manager
DAE Studios

Recent developments make Kortrijk the place to be for game technology valorization. Kortrijk is: Design region, UNESCO creative city, new research base for Flanders Make, leader of industry 4.0 in Belgium, Hangar K co-creation space and city with the best educational program in game development worldwide. Anticipating even more opportunities, DAE Studios wants to counter the brain drain of many young talents and offer these profiles the opportunity to develop their own success story in Flanders in close collaboration with companies that are looking for a dynamic approach of innovative technology adoption within their organization.

14u00 - 14u30
Virtual validation as enabler for accelerated go-live, the closed loop Digital Twin@Work
Andries Tacq - Ceratec
Andries Tacq
Product Manager Intralogistics

Time pressure for starting up applications is increasing. A lot of creativity is needed to keep on making important progresses in this field. Questioning ones own processes is necessary to streamline the workflow throughout the different disciplines. We want to give you a look behind the scenes of the process we are going through in order to meet the growing challenges.

14u30 - 15u00
A case study of digital support
Rudi Sys & Paul van Medegael
Bosch Tienen

Bosch Tienen has witnessed the evolution from a paper pentagon based on manual registration of machine data to an online digital tool as a basis for improving production line efficiency and avoiding quality loss. In this, data are worldwide available which enables Bosch to control production lines on several locations all over the world.

15u30 - 16u00
Before you innovate with digital...
Jan Sonck - Proximus
Jan Sonck
Head of Enterprise Innovation

Organisations big and small want to innovate with new digital technologies, and that’s fantastic! Just make sure you plan for digitization and digital transformation as well.

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