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The spring was clearly a game-changing period, and perhaps it will be remembered as the period when manufacturing companies launched an online extension at warp speed. It was clearly a questions of digitalisation or death – without any other options. Not only did this boost homeworking and e-commerce, but it also promoted the remote monitoring, planning, control and intervention of industrial production, engineering, maintenance, planning, supply chain and warehousing. In short, the entire value chain had to be digitalised very rapidly. Fortunately, many sectors (petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, mechanical engineering, logistics...) were already partly prepared for this black swan event. This means that the industry will catch up very soon! 

That is also why this industrial/digital summit/networking event is, without any doubt and with great enthusiasm, going ahead as a high-priority event. This will, however, happen with a limited number of participants (800), but with a greater will to reboot than ever before. Industrialfairs, together with other sector players such as Agoria, Ugent, Howest and Factories of the Future, argue that, for many in the industry, it is now or never!

The purpose is to provide final decision-makers and managers with insights into a specific process, so that they can digitalise each department or activity, in part or as a whole, as quickly as possible. A transition to digital, automation, interconnection, monitoring, management, analysis and intervention (Industry of Things), which is smarter (Intelligence of Things) and also more secure (Security of Things). These 3 themes will be covered at ABISS, with relevant demos and Expert Classes. Click here to find out more about all the technologies and solutions on show.


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Thursday 5 October 2023
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