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10:00 - 10:30
State of IIoT and its ecosystem
Serge Audenaert
| Agoria

IIoT is unlocking many opportunities for increasing efficiencies and creating customer value.
But to what business needs is IIoT an answer? What are then the IIoT enablers?
How mature is the technology today to make this real? And what can be done to accelerate its adoption?
We present a helicopter view to demystify the questions surrounding IIoT to get a better feeling of its potential for increasing your business.

11:00 - 11:30
From conventional relay control to ‘connected machines’ in 4 years’ time.
Nele Union
| Vandemoortele

How do you begin your digital adventure? Where do you start with automation if many of your machines are still relay-controlled?

In 2016, we faced these challenges with Vandemoortele Izegem’s margarine factory. Four years later, our approach was crowned with the ‘Factory of the Future’ award. At the same time as we were rolling out AGVs, cobots and an MES programme, we also started a Lean programme. We realised that we could not lose sight of the ‘human element’ in this process. How did we approach this? Simple: TOGETHER & DO IT. With a lot of enthusiasm, West-Flemish industriousness, natural common sense and sheer nerve.

11:30 - 12:00
People & Digital together to be prepared in a VUCA world
Lander Van Parys
STAS uses the 7 transformations towards the factories of the future as a framework for getting its production sites ready for a sustainable future.
Within STAS, collaborators occupy 1st place.
Digitalisation projects are set up and enabled in co-creation with all collaborators.
Thanks to our in-house designed ERP suite, we are ready for tomorrow’s VUCA challenges.
14:00 - 14:30
Brussels Airport Company reaches new heights with 5G
Pieter-Paul Poelman
| Brussels Airport Company
Brussels Airport Company is the first airport in Europe to use 5G to guarantee connectivity for business-critical processes. Pieter-Paul Poelman will tell us why a private 5G network was a logical choice, what it is being used for and what benefits come with it.
10:30 - 11:00
"AI based Quality Inspection ‘beyond the human eye’ 3D Accelerated Xray as game changer for industry production of critical parts"
Dirk Hamelinck
| Deltaray
1. Business cases for automated inspection of critical products
2. AI breaking through the Xray inspection sound-barrier: 100 faster than Xray-CT!
3. Key Challenges to meet mass volume producer’s inspection requirements
4. How does 3D Accelerated Xray inspection fit the industry 4.0 vision
5. And what’s next on AI based inspection horizon?
11:30 - 12:00
AI-driven decision making for Industry 4.0
Michael Rademaker
Making proper decisions in complex systems such as integrated and continuous production lines means taking a multitude of indicators and constraints into account, including cost, time-sensitivity and safety. Automated analyses of data in a way that incorporates expert knowledge can help generate new insights and drive better decisioning. IMEC has been involved in developing numerous approaches to bring this type of AI-driven Data Science to Smart Industries, as will be illustrated on the basis of practical examples. We will also paint a picture of where developments seem to be headed for Industry 4.0
14:30 - 15:00
How to store process data efficiently and how to get started with a low-entry computer vision
Pieter Bovijn & Gilles Depypere
| Howest
Monitoring processes generates masses of data. Storing all these data in Excel is obviously not the right choice, and often a SQL database is not an ideal solution either. We will discuss which technologies exist for data storage and the terminology you need to know in order to discuss them with an IT consultant. However, this mass of data is not always necessary for implementing an AI solution in your process. We will provide a case example in which a document control system with deep learning can be developed using just a few photos and limited hardware.
10:30 - 11:00
Results of the 'Industrial Cyber Security Survey - Belgium 2020'
Alain Wayenberg | Kurt Callewaert
| Agoria | Howest
The availability of large amounts of data offers unprecedented opportunities for manufacturing companies. But every new step towards Industry 4.0 brings new cybersecurity risks. According to Kurt Callewaert, expert in computer security at Howest and project leader of a brand-new Industry 4.0 pilot project, it is high time for action. "Many companies act as if nothing is going on... But they are wrong!"
In order to get a better picture of the current situation at companies with regard to their industrial control systems, Agoria launched this unique survey together with the research group IC4 (Industrial Control & Communication Competence Center). And we will be happy to present you with the results.
11:00 - 11:30
Cybersecurity risks in Industrie 4.0
Hendrik Derre | Tijl Deneut
| Howest
Industrial control systems, that provide essential and vital products and services to our economy, are evolving and are becoming more and more interconnected. This talk will provide an overview of the cybersecurity risks involved with this transition towards an "Industry 4.0". Using real world use-cases, different attack-vectors will be demonstrated on a portable factory setup and the real impact of an cyberattack on critical infrastructure will become visible.
11:30 - 12:00
Detection through Intelligence in Cyber Tactics and Techniques
Johan Galle
| Howest
ATT&CK, the Wikipedia of behaviour after a cyberintrusion, has recorded the techniques in attackers' behaviour for multiple domains (desktop, mobile, cloud, ICS). Behaviour is usually not a single action, but consists of several steps carried out by an enemy. The DICTATE (Detection through Intelligence in Cyber Tactics and Techniques) research will fundamentally improve cyberintrusion detection and response by using this ATT&CK knowledge base that allows to detect anomalies. Focusing on behaviour means that DICTATE will be able to detect the behaviour of attackers before any damage is done, not afterwards. A combination of semi-supervised and unsupervised machine learning and deep learning will help in the detection of individual and collective anomalies in the behavioural pattern of terminal nodes, network, hypervisor and cloud.
14:00 - 14:30
Industrial security: Renson's pragmatic approach
Koen Van Loo
| Renson
Renson Group, headquartered in Waregem, is a trendsetter in ventilation, sun protection & outdoor living. An extensive investment programme is underway to further support the company's strong growth. Digital transformation, including the automation of the production lines, is a key part of this programme. Group CIO Koen Van Loo will give an insight into how a practical approach to information security is an integral part of this process.
14:30 - 15:00
Future of cybersecurity connected vehicles
Arne Dormaels
What is the state of the art for the R&D in cybersecurity sector of connected cars? To answer this question Vias Institute is conducting a research study that aims at identifying all relevant standardization and existing counter-measures. Our goal is to assess the known cybersecurity threats and what is their possible impact, magnitude and severity in case of being compromised with a long-term objective of conducting a white-hat attack in secure circumstances. The findings from our study will contribute to a strategy for cybersecurity of connected cars of Federal Government in Belgium.
15:30 - 16:00
5G connectivity: the key to success for European industry
Hui Cao
In this session, we will explore how a secure and robust 5G connectivity will help deploying technologies like Artificial Intelligence in different sectors of the economy (agriculture, education, healthcare) and how will help industries working together with EU Policy makers to achieve a successful European Green Deal.


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