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Digitizing asset performance: your next step in boosting reliability
Stephan De Vries | | ABB
No matter what industry you are in, reliability is a common aspect within the digital optimization and automation of manufacturing. Applying ABB Ability's data-driven approach with Smart Sensors and AI integration offers proven success. Through practical cases, find out more about how ABB's proactive approach keeps you informed of any issues, allowing you to intervene only when something can effectively go wrong, and build a less intensive stock. All this within an open source platform, which transforms your production line into a digital powerhouse where all assets are aligned, in constant communication with you and assisted by ABB in case of necessary interventions.

13:10 - 13:20
Unlock hidden process insights with ease
Jeroen Coussement | | FACTRY
Being able to pinpoint process events, such as batches or downtime, is a prerequisite to advanced business and operational analysis. Yet, adding this layer of context to raw data is hardly a walk in the park. The core issue with transforming the raw data into the required structured format is that it takes a lot of custom development. That is why Factry developed a generic module on top of its flagship IIoT platform that radically simplifies the data transformation process. Process events are detected through simple parameter selection, while the raw data is automatically aggregated into an SQL database.

After launching its MES platform FactryOS at last year’s ABISS event, Factry CEO Jeroen Coussement lifts the curtain on a highly anticipated feature for the company’s data historian, aimed at meeting the needs of various niches in the process industry. In a show-don’t-tell style, Coussement demonstrates what the platform’s automated event detection & analysis module is all about and how it can make your reporting workflow smoother and more cost-effective. An indispensable pitch for any company that wants to extract deeper insights from raw process data, but does not require an advanced MES system.

13:20 - 13:30
Experiential journey to the Industrial Metaverse
Kris Van Heurck & Bart Demaegdt | | SIEMENS

The past years have shown us that anything is possible, and change is inevitable. We have had to adapt, pivot, and evolve to navigate this ever-changing world. To thrive in these volatile times, you need solutions that are flexible and adapt to whatever the new normal is – or will be. You need innovations that work quickly and are easy to use.

Digital twins – the flexible chameleons of digital transformation – make it possible to realistically replicate the real world. They are also a key technology for the metaverse, the popular vision for the Internet of tomorrow. Siemens Xcelerator is a new, open digital business platform to accelerate your digital transformation, making it faster, easier and at scale.

Siemens Xcelerator is connected with NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for 3D-design and collaboration, which enables an industrial metaverse with physics-based digital models and real-time AI. How could we experience a journey to the metaverse one day?

13:30 - 13:40
How do you turn data into useful insights?
Ron Jansen | | IXON
Machine data is still one of the most undervalued assets, while it is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing industry. For many OEMs, the problem is not retrieving data from their machines and installations, but converting this data into actionable insights. In the practical case Ron Jansen will tell how Jotem Water Solutions safely retrieves and visualises the data from their installations. Ron will show which data is important for Jotem and how they convert it to useful insights, such as sharing with the customer to prevent failures and schedule preventive maintenance. During this session, Ron will show that data is already being used successfully, and share where Jotem wants to go in the future.

13:40 - 13:50
Operator 4.0 &
Jorim Rademaker | | MANUAL.TO

Digitisation is everywhere. IOT, digital twins, automation, artificial intelligence… Where does the human operator fit into all of this? How can you optimise your workers’ performance?
Digitising the employee knowhow — offering them access to the right instructions, as they need it, when they need, on their device, in their language — is essential to keeping the human worker on track with digital technology. As your factories become digital, do not leave your workers behind. Learn how easy, fast and fun it is to transform the way your workers create, share and learn digitally. Not sitting behind a desk, not with an app, not requiring specialised skills, just using QR codes and any handheld digital device.

The advantages can be huge. In just one month, you’ll be able to:
• Create instructions up to 10 x faster.
• Train people 2 to 5 times faster.
• Support new workers in any language.
• Use video to improve instruction quality and appeal.
• Improve interoperability. • Virtually upskill novice employees to expert level.
• Dramatically improve both performance and wellbeing. 

Jorim Rademaker is product designer and founder/CEO of — a Belgian startup company, working closely with Microsoft and ABB on bringing the next generation of know-how technology to companies like ABB, Volvo Cars, Recticel, Umicore, Bekaert Deslee, DuPont, Aperam, G4S, Infrabel, Sea-Tank, Melotte, ABC Engines, P&G, Volkswagen, TenCate Grass and many more across the world.

14:30 - 14:40
Guiding companies in becoming a sustainable factory of the future
Jeroen Bouvin | | YITCH

At Yitch, we are committed to ensuring job security by keeping production and consumption close together. This philosophy has only been confirmed by recent economic challenges. To do this, companies must secure their competitive advantage by increasing their efficiency.

 The rise and omni-presence of Industry 4.0 has convinced companies that investing in Industry 4.0 technology to become a factory of the future is the only way to increase their competitiveness. While we strongly believe in a ‘digital’ control tower vision where a 360° view of your factory is available and optimization is possible through autonomous decisions, only with a sustainable roadmap can you reap the full benefits of your investments. This roadmap design starts with a clear description of the business processes and business goals and a partner which can guide you through the IT and OT landscape.

 Join Jeroen to learn more about the different levels needed to achieve a ‘digital’ control tower and how Yitch can help you on this journey.

14:40 - 14:50
No surprises in engineering and maintenance with a GEO Digital Twin
Bram Van Londersele | | DIGITALTWIN.BE
Plants that regularly make changes to the production lines, the layout or the logistical flow are better managed with a Digital Twin. MEET HET presents itself as a mapping partner in the ecosystem of digital twins and has already mapped dozens of factories and industrial installations. Bram likes to show you the possibilities of the GEO Digital Twin.

14:50 - 15:00
How to bridge the gap between sales and manufacturing of complex products?
Vera Vingerhoets | | HIVE
Translating a customer's wishes into a complex and finished product is a major challenge for many manufacturing companies. This is because the customer often speaks a different language: the customer is not talking about technical specifications, but rather describes a feeling. It is the salesman's job to understand this feeling and then to convert it into production data. And this is where things often go wrong. In order to bridge the gap between the wishes of customers and the manufacturing of complex products, companies can deploy software to support the salesperson. The software immediately validates the wishes and automatically converts them into production data. This avoids mistakes and builds a bridge between sales and production. In this session, our expert Vera Vingerhoets explains which software systems are suitable for this purpose.

15:00 - 15:10
Knowledge graphs & graph databases - leveraging relationships in your manufacturing data with Neo4j
Quinten Rosseel | | DOTDASH | NEO4J
The application-centric focus of information systems creates an IT landscape where data is duplicated across silos. Applications demand tailor-made data representations and require extensive data copying from/to other databases (ETL processes).

In the data-centric approach however, data is regarded as permanent, and applications can come and go more easily. Accessibility, findability, (re)usability and interoperability (FAIR) are of paramount importance in this paradigm.

Knowledge graphs and graph databases are technologies that allow a more data-centric and silo-crossing view on your data. In this pitch, the speaker discusses how this is relevant for the manufacturing industry, and how these technologies can be used effectively for impact.

15:10 - 15:20
Simple and scalable solution for maintenance and reporting
Kimberley Pittoors | | IBA Benelux
Iba has managed to bring together various Industry 4.0 applications into one scalable platform:
- Alarming, Event & Data Historian
- Scalable IIoT devices
- 24/7 real time vibration monitoring
- Operator dashboard & quality reporting
- Seamless connectivity to other MES applications
- Without doubt the most complete connectivity to machinery (PLC/sensor/database/camera/HMI/energy...)
- Excellent basis for Machine Vision, Predictive Maintenance, Big Data, AI,...

The iba system is not only versatile but also easy to use, convenient and has a short learning curve for users. This helps to make effective troubleshooting, reporting and maintenance strategies simple.

The iba toolchain is a unique and proven system to rely on in the industry 4.0 era. Finally, iba Benelux also offers the expertise of experienced engineers. This can range from project engineering, product training, free technical support to commissioning of small and large projects.

15:20 - 15:30
Virtually assisting the heart and engine of the chocolate and cocoa industry.
Jack Dierckxsens & Filip Buggenhout | | IN THE POCKET
Barry Callebaut has the vision to be the heart and driving force of the cocoa and chocolate industry. An important link in their digital transformation programme is a virtual assistant that helps the operator in the factory to make the right decisions. In The Pocket helps to bring the underlying machine learning model to the user in a user-friendly way. Come to this session to see how data, technology and a focus on the professional user can come together in the food industry.

15:30 - 15:40
How to mitigate risk, increase industrial network and infrastructure security when deployment thin client architectures?
Modern automation is all about visualization. It is common to have computers running in many locations in a production facility. Beside the maintenance cost, there are security risk associated with the usage of computers in a production facility.
Discover how ThinManager®, our thin client management software allows control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment. The thin client architecture gives users the applications and tools familiar to them in a format that reduces management and maintenance costs while increasing security.

15:40 - 15:50
Improve your daily factory performance with Inimco.Facts for Lean Manufacturing
Erik De Nert | | INIMCO
From shift handovers to recurring management reporting, an exponential increasing amount of different sourced data risks being stacked cumbersome or carelessly. Real time visualization on all company levels is the next hurdle to take if printed versions are no longer sufficient to facilitate daily meetings. Our solutions integrate seamlessly exhaustive data and support your team on all tiers in an accurate, continuous improved cycle of planning, action & evaluation management. Eliminate anomalies and visualize team performance on key indicators as Safety Quality Cost Delivery People etc. Low code access, no waste, all tier commitment, hence a visible daily shop floor management.


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